Beyond Agile Israel 2019

January 27th, Avenue Conference Center, Airport city, Israel


We believe that in order to reach the highest potential of organizational success, a continuous and mindful improvement is required in both the individual and organizational levels


Our mission is to pinpoint the paradigms blocking the pathway to the next level of success, by expanding organizational consciousness and self-awareness.


We bring a diverse wealth of frameworks and methodologies. Connecting the dots between Agile, organizational consulting, self-development, creative thinking, and mindfulness.


We commit to taking your company on a fun, creative and interactive journey.

Together, we will design concrete solutions tailored specifically for your business needs, and lead you to surprisingly outstanding results.

Our coaches bring cumulative experience of...

Years experience as coaches
An intense allergy to boring and ordinary workshops
An intense allergy to boring and ordinary workshops
Certified Scrum Master & Product Owner students
Worldwide proven collaborations
Worldwide proven collaborations
Lectures & tutorials
Strong support and availability that lasts beyond any course or implementation
Strong support and availability that lasts beyond any course or implementation

How can we help you?

I am a-

Team member


and I'm looking for -

I want to assume responsibility, make the meetingseffective, deal with interruptions and get enthusiastic collaboration from others



and I'm looking for -

I want to create a cohesive team, facilitate productive meetings, deal with conflicts, identify what motivates my team and improve communication skills

Team or Group


and I'm looking for -

I want to continuously improve, become self-organized, improve the quality of my work, develop creativity and flexibility and create visibility

Change Agent


and I'm looking for -

I want to use specific practices to approach complex situations, deal with resistance, create self-awareness and overcome automatic reactions

Not sure?

Our Solution - Toolbox Contains

Organizational consciousness implementation

Agile Certification Courses

Management & Team Coaching




Visual Consulting & Facilitation

Our Team of Experts

A group of passionate change agents, trainers and coaches. Each of us brings years of experience in organizational consultation, most specifically in Agile. Most of us are well known trainers in the field, having spent the past 10 years speaking in conferences worldwide, assisting companies to improve outcomes.

  • Danny (Danko) Kovatch
    Danny (Danko) Kovatch
    • Chief Borders Remover
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  • Limor Halfon
    Limor Halfon
    • Organizational Awareness Catalyst
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  • Noga Atsil
    Noga Atsil
    • Paradigms Shift Expert
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  • Boaz Fine
    Boaz Fine
    • Imagination Executive
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  • Liliya Friedman-Rachmanni
    Liliya Friedman-Rachmanni
    • Leading Road Director
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  • Racheli Zamari
    Racheli Zamari
    • Agile PMO
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  • Galit Nissan
    Galit Nissan
    • The Wizard of Sales
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  • Ilan Sherman
    Ilan Sherman
    • Chief Tranquility Officer
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  • Efrat Wasserman
    Efrat Wasserman
    • Red Scrum Storm
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  • David Peles
    David Peles
    • The Change Alchemist
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What People Say...

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Look for the AJIMEH Innovation Seal of Excellence!
The seal is granted to unique courses you can find only in AJIMEH
Many years of experience are reflected in the courses' agenda

We would love to hear from you

Please feel free to contact us on any issue, our team of experts will be more than happy to assist and answer any question.

Write us a message We are also available via Mail:
Ajimeh office Address: Dalton 2, Kokhav Ya'ir

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