Lean Product Management

Product- Building Lessons from the world’s most successful companies.

  • Is your product backlog so long you don’t even remember what’s in it?
  • Are you spending more time fixing bugs then developing new features?
  • Does it take your company a long time to develop features, even small ones?
  • Do some people in your company not know what they are doing or why?
  • Do some of your customers not understand how to use your products correctly?
  • Do you feel you constantly need to re-invent the wheel?

If so, this workshop was developed especially for you!


19 Years in the industry, Arik has held a wide variety of positions in software: developer, team leader, product manager, digital marketer and an entrepreneur.
After merging his startup with one of the largest players in the video collaboration world Arik is helping companies build and market great software. He is also the founder of the successful product blog

In this workshop you’ll learn the following:

  • How to quickly and successfully build software products in conditions of rapid change and market uncertainty.
  • The basics of Agile methodologies,
  • Dive deep into the LEAN framework,
  • Analyze dozens of case studies like Google, Whatsapp, and more and
  • Learn to apply this knowledge to solve your own product challenges.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the difficulties of “traditional” product building process
  • Understand the core of Agile Development Methodologies
  • Assess the level of your product & agile maturity
  • Build a product strategy using Lean Canvas
  • Building and Managing Product Backlog
  • Understand how to sharpen product-market fit
  • What to do when your product strategy fails? Pivot Strategy Guidelines
  • Communication Best Practices for Product Managers with Developers, Testers, Designers and Marketers.
  • Managing Technical Debt


  • At least 3 years experience in product development/management.
  • Agile background will give you an advantage.
  • Open minded individuals not afraid to think outside the box.

Day 1

Module 1 – Understanding the Agile Mindset

  1. “Slow down, you move too fast!”
    How fast is a the world really changing? How can organisations functions like this?
  • Familiarity session
  • Bird eye view on projects in the last 100 years
  • Successful projects vs. failed projects
  • Brooks law
  • Parkinson law
  • Students syndrome

Takeaway: Understanding the pace and dynamics needed to survive in today’s world.


  1. “Utah, we have a problem!”
    The software crisis and the limitations of the modern management theory. How Toyota changes the world: Lean Manufacturing and the TPS Revolution and the Agile Manifesto; 4 principles that put it all in perspective.
  • Modern management vs. ancient management
  • Lean session on Lean and TPS
  • Pain session
  • Introduction to Agile (Agile manifesto)

Takeaway: Understand the pains related to the “old way” and why agile was born.


  1. “Meet the Family”
    A bird’s eye view of the family of Agile Methodologies and the value each of the offers.
  • Scrum - The fastest kid in the neighbourhood
  • Kanban - The older nephew in the block
  • SAFe - The uncle that deals with the authorities
  • XP - The energetic extreme sport kid
  • Scrumban - The notorious toy of the Scrum & Kanban
  • Waterfall - The guardian dog of the family

Takeaway: High level understanding of SCRUM and Kanban and WHY they work.


Module 2 – Hands On Agile

  1. “SCRUM - Not just a rugby term”
    Deep dive into the dark corridors of Scrum
  • The 3 Scrum Roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team Members.
  • The 3 Scrum Artifacts: Product backlog, sprint backlog, increment (and visual board)
  • The 5 Scrum events: Daily, planning, review, refinement and retrospective meetings.
  • The surrounding environment (Managers, stakeholders, futurespective, user stories, release planning)
  • Continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous measurement.
  • Effort Estimation methods.
  • Implementation of Scrum - DO and DO NOT.

Takeaway: The scrum process and how it’s applied.


  1. “The Agile PM’s Playbook - Best Practices”
    Discover the best practices of Agile Product Management, especially in companies working SCRUM. Learn what works, what doesn’t, and what we still don’t know.
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Prioritizing features
  • Managing the Product Backlog
  • Users Stories: Creating, Mapping, Splitting
  • Definition of Done
  • The unspoken truth about Effort Estimation
  • The duality between Product Manager and Product Owner
  • The Pig and the Chicken: Product Manager’s role in scrum ceremonies: Planning, Review, Retrospective and Daily meetings.
  • Inbound and outbound product management and how do they work with Agile.
  • Case studies of Agile Product Management: Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer.

Takeaway: The actual do’s and dont’s of agile product management


Day 2

Module 3 – Lean Startup and how it changed the way we build products

  1. “A startup - a baby company at its higher risk stage”
  • Let’s start with a startup - what is it all about?
  • A letter from Ben Horowitz: why your company is a startup (even if you didn’t know it).
  • The passion and the belief - the real two types of fuels that move the “car”
  • The product assumptions

Takeaway: understand the concepts of risk management and product assumptions


  1. “Hey Eric, is it true that the first edition of your book was a flyer?”
  • Thoroughly understand the concepts of Lean
  • Eric Ries’s Lean Startup framework
  • Innovation Accounting and Iterative Learning - case study
  • The true meaning of MVP
  • The Lean Canvas - a tool for managing the Lean process

Takeaway: Understand the process of Lean Product Management and how to kick off a product.


  1. “How long before we get to grandpa? Shut up and keep digging!”
    How lean protects you when things don’t work out.
  • From theory to practice. How to lower the risks and increase the ROI
  • Pivot and persevere - The two best friends of a product owner
  • When things don’t work: when to pivot and when to persevere
  • Common mistakes and best practices

Takeaway: Understanding the concepts of the Pivot Strategy and how to implement it efficiently


Module 4 – Hands On

“The problem with theory is that in theory, theory works”
This is a practical module where we apply our learnings to real product challenges.

  • From scratch your head to formalize it into a real practical solution
  • Raise business challenges
  • Building MVP’s
  • Use the elephant carpaccio to translate MVP’s into user stories
  • Define a product Roadmap
  • Risks and mitigation plan

Takeaway: Hands on experience in lean product management


Who will be your  instructor?

Arik Diamant is a Product Manager, an Entrepreneur, a Digital Marketer and an Agile Coach.
He has built dozens of products in the past 15 years, founded 2 companies, led multinational software projects and raised two boys.
His passion remains building and marketing beautiful software products.


  • image image
  • Instructor Arik Diamant
  • Upcoming

    19-20    Nov   -        Israel

  • Duration 2 Days
  • Telephone +972 54-426-1170
  • Time 09:30 - 17:00
  • Who should attend?

    Product Managers | Product Owners | UX designers | R&D Managers | IT Managers | Release Managers | Release Train Engineers

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