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Learn the basics of Management 3.0 during this ten hours online course led by an experienced Management 3.0 Facilitator. The Fundamentals Online Workshop contains the most valuable practices and modules related to Management 3.0 and Remote Leadership. By attending the workshop attendees will understand the basics of Management 3.0, and also how to manage remote teams.

Feb 26, 2020

Design Sprints

Design Sprints are the fastest way to solve big challenges innovatively together. Design Sprints Reduce time, cost, and risk.

Design Sprint method was created by Google Ventures, as they wanted to help their startups create successful products faster.  The method is based on Design Thinking foundations and harness up-to-date product methods, like, lean startup and Agile.

In this talk we will get to know the design sprint process and how could it overcome Agile challenges and enhance processes. Why is this process so powerful and popular? Who should use it? At what stage of the product or the business? when is it working best and when it's not the right solution. We will also discuss use cases of design sprints and provide examples of its power, and how to connect them to Agile framework in order to insert them to a workflow that doesn't miss the innovation on one hand, and on the other hand grasps it into a backlog
we invite you to take part, learn and ask.
Looking forward,

 “Never negotiate out of fear and never fear to negotiate”

What are the courses outline? 

Practical negotiation gambits in an Agile world and beyond it. 

  • Understand the required mindset
  • Negotiation Gambits
  • Persuading Gambits
  • Influence Techniques



Ability to let go of your ego.

Familiarity of an Agile environment - Advantage


  • Scrum in 60 minutes
    • Formal events (Daily, Planning, Review, Retrospective, Refinement)
    • Informal events (Apres Daily, Futurspective, NAM, …)
    • Formal roles (Scrum master, Product Owner, Development team)
    • Informal roles (Manager, Stakeholder, user)
    • Artifacts (Product backlogs, Sprint Backlog, Increment) 
    • Informal artifacts (Release backlog, Team backlog, Bug backlog, visual board)

  • The type of tensions and the reasons behind it between the roles of Scrum  
  • The six laws of influence
    • Scarcity 
    • Reciprocity
    • Authority
    • Likability
    • Social proof
    • Commitment & consistency 
  • The Five Underlying mind set types 
    • You are negotiating all the time
    • Everything you want is owned or controlled by someone else
    • There are predicable responses that you can count on in the negotiating process
    • There are three critical factors in every negotiation--power, information, time
    • The proper "mesh" of personality types is important to negotiating success
  • The Three Underpinnings of "Win/Win" Negotiating
    • Never narrow negotiations down to just one issue
    • Different people want different things
    • Price is not always all-important
  • The Five Things That Make a Good Negotiator
    • Knowing that both sides are under pressure so you don't feel intimidated
    • Wanting to learn negotiating skills
    • Understanding negotiating skills
    • Being willing to practice
    • Wanting to create "win/win" negotiating situations
  • The Eight Kinds of Power
    • Title power
    • Reward power
    • Punish power
    • Reverent power
    • Charismatic power
    • Expertise power
    • Situation power
    • Information power
  • How to Gather Information
    • Ask open-ended questions
    • Repeat statements as questions
    • Ask for response
    • Ask for restatements
    • Ask others who seal with your opponent
    • Ask your opponent's subordinates
    • Mix your company's specialists with their specialists
  • Negotiating Gambit
      • The Nibble
      • The Hot Potato
      • The Higher Authority Gambit
      • The Set-Aside Technique for avoiding impasse
      • Use arbitrators to break deadlocks
      • Good Guy/Bad Guy
      • Feel, Felt, Found formula
      • Dumb is smart; smart is dumb
      • The Flinch
      • The Vise technique
      • The Printed Word technique
      • The Withdrawn offer
      • The Fait Accompli
      • The Funny Money gambit
      • The Red Herring
      • The Puppy Dog Technique
      • Reluctant Buyer/Reluctant Seller
      • The Want-It-All technique
      • Negotiation Gambits
      • Shock Them 
      • Adjourning 
      • “You’ll Have to do Better Than That” 
      • Forcing the Issue 
      • Diversionary Tactics
      • Salami 
      • Vague authority  
  • Rules and Principles
    • Never say "Yes" to first offer
    • The Call Girl principle (value of services diminishes rapidly after services are performed)
    • Always maintain your "walkaway power"
    • Make a big deal of any concession you make, and get a counter-concession for doing so
    • Don't be the first to name a price
    • Position opponents for easy acceptance
    • Be the one who writes the contract
    • Make your offers low but flexible
    • Never be the one to offer to "split the difference." Get opponent to make the offer to you
    • 80% of concessions are made in the last 20% of the time--so don't "leave details" till later
    • The person under the greatest time pressure generally loses in negotiations
    • Never reveal it if you have a deadline
    • Don't negotiate on the phone (you can't read your opponent's body language)
    • Watch for sudden changes in body language, rather than just the body language itself
  • Simulations
    Simulating all kind of techniques based on real day to day scenarios:
    • Product Owner wants from the team to do more
    • Product Owner wants from a team member to add more content to a user story
    • Product Owner wants from the Dev team to add more user stories
    • Scrum Master wants the team to take less while the Product Owner wants them to take more
    • Debating on an estimation of a user story
    • Many many more!

This training is available as

Personal coaching, In-company training, public workshop

Feb 09, 2020

Gadi Admoni

Gadi Admoni is an agile coach and management consultant, With 25+ years in the hi-tech industry, growing startups into large companies, Gadi brings vast experience as a goal focused R&D Director.

Professional Scrum Master II course is intended for experienced Scrum Masters and leaders who are looking to grow their knowledge and abilities as change agents in their organizations.
This advanced course will help the students with understanding and characterizing their role as servant leaders, and will deep dive into how they serve the Development Team, Product Owner and organization.


בוא נתחיל מהעובדות:

יום אחד


עוד X ימים להרשמה המוקדמת (עד ה 21.11.19)

עוד Y ימים לכנס (עד ה 26.1.20)

3 קינוט, 2 מחו"ל

22 מרצים

7 מרצים מחו"ל

3 ארגונים מוסמכים שהמרצים מגיעים מהם - Scrum.Org, Scrum Alliance, Management 3.0

4 אולמות עם הרצאות, סדנאות, ומרחב עבודה משותף ל open space agility ושיחות עם המרצים

1 מרחב פתוח עם המון כיף, אינטראקציה וייעוץ אישי - עם חדר בריחה, קליניקה אג'ילית, לוחות אינטראקטיבים ועוד

1 גלריה מהממת של איורים מהסדנאות, ההרצאות והארגונים אותם אנו מלווים

4 קורסים בינלאומיים ביומיים שאחרי הכנס (!!!) -

 CSM עם Ken Rubin ודנקו

 PSPO  עם Magdalena Firlit ומיכל אפשטיין 

 LabsDevOps  עם Peter Götz & Oliver Hankeln 

Management 3.0 עם Ralph van Roosmalen


ומלווה אחד גרפי מוכשר בטירוף, שישפוך אור או יותר נכון צבע על כל ההרצאות


ולמה חשבון נפש?

כי באג'ייל כמו באג'ייל מכנס לכנס אנחנו עושים רטרוספקטיב, רואים מה חשוב לשמר ולחזק ואלו מקומות כדאי לשפר ולהשתפר. אנחנו ממוקדים ערך ללקוח - לכם! ורוצים לייצר למידה ושיפור מתמיד,

ולכן היה חשוב לנו לשמור על האנרגיות של השנים הקודמות ואף להעצים אותן ביצירת עוד הזדמנויות וזמן לנטוורקינג

היה חשוב לנו לשמור על המגוון בין הרצאות השראה, העשרה והרצאות פרקטיות ו hands-on ולכן, השנה מגיעים מגוון מדהים של מרצים, שריגש גם אותנו, מארה"ב, אוסטרליה ואירופה, כמו גם מובילים בחברות בתעשייה הישראלית. 

היה לנו חשוב לשמר את הפידבקים המדהימים שלכם אחרי האג'ימיט ולכן דאגנו לחלק שמוקדש כולו לסיפורי לקוחות על למידה מכשלונות ואיך ממנפים אותם

היה לנו חשוב להביא עוד הרצאות וידע מעשי בתחומים שונים כמו ביזנס אג'יליטי, ותרבות אג'ילית ולהמשיך לשאוף מעבר לאג'ייל ולייצר תמונה אג'ילית הוליסטית ולחדד אותה יחד אתכם

וכמובן היה חשוב לנו לשמור על טעם טוב עם מקום טוב באווניו והפקה חדשה :)

גאים להציג לכם, כבר בשלב זה את האג'נדה העשירה של הכנס

הולך להיות כנס מדהים! אז למה אתה מחכים?

אחרי החגים שמח!


Motivation, Empowerment, Alignment, Competence, Structure, Improvement

Learn about a new approach to lead and manage Agile organisations.

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